Examples of our Work


Landscaping Report on Biologics Use in Psoriasis

Lancaster Hammond were commissioned by a blue chip pharmaceutical manufacturer to conduct a landscaping survey of the environment ahead of the launch of a new biologic in the UK.

Qualitative and quantitative methods were employed to provide an environmental analysis and an assessment of market opportunity together with a full marketing communications plan for implementation over the first 12 - 24 months.

European market research into the impact of a competitor launch into Rheumatology and Endocrinology

Lancaster Hammond has a long-held relationship with a global organisation promoting the use of an innovative compound for Rheumatology. In this competitive landscape the company needed to understand the impact of new market entrants across Europe. Our Market Research project involved representatives from across Northern Europe and has led to a competitor defense strategy being employed.

ECCMID Reception on behalf of a National Society


The Directors of Lancaster Hammond have been involved in many educational meetings and corporate receptions on behalf of their clients both nationally and internationally, with a proven track record of organisation and facilitation.

To provide a relevant and quality guest list for such events Lancaster Hammond hold, validate, develop and utilise an extensive database of the multi-disciplinary stakeholders. These events increase and strengthen relationship with their sponsor organisations.

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