An evolving NHS - are we all prepared ?

The NHS landscape is evolving with stakeholders, NHS Institutions, committees and job titles seeming to change constantly.

For brand teams in the pharmaceutical, medical device and serves sectors in appears to be a very complicated time to be dealing with the NHS in the UK.

The ability to manage budgets whilst maintaining optional patient pathways is still the burden to the NHS that it always was but at a recent Lancaster Hammond Lunch and Learn meeting in Cambridge, DIar Fattah (Associate DIrector for Medicines Optimisation) highlighted that in 2018 it is more important than ever before that suppliers truly understand the local NHS Landscape, simplify their product offering and provide a simple evidenced based quantifiable financial offering to the CCG or Trust.

One size does truly not fit all now as patient treatment and pathways differ all over the country but national campaigns and messaging still appear to be dominating marketing communications plans.

The key to genius here appears to be getting your value proposition right in the early days of market access but then not leaving it alone. The VP should be constantly refined to keep abreast of NHS changes and also adpated for local market conditions keeping it relevant to all local health economies. This may seem a daunting task but vital to ensure product and market success in the medium to long term.

If you would like a full copy of the meeting report from the presentation by Diar Fattah at the Lancaster Hammond Lunch and Learn please email

To find out more about shaping product offerings to provide true value to the NHS, Lancaster Hammond Ltd will be running further Lunch and Learn Meetings in 2018. If you would like to propose a specific topic or you would like to understand how we may help you individually, please contact us:

Julian Hammond and Debbie Cockayne

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